Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello everyone, The Kindermusik Spring Semester is upon us and we are ready for you! I have attached the schedule here for you, but please know that the schedule is tweaked occasionally and the most recent version is always posted to the KINDERMUSIK BLOG The semester begins Jan 23 and continues through May 10 - with the rest of May left for makeup days in case of inclement weather.

Class Days and Times
Our Time: (1-3 yr olds) 
 Monday 5:30pm; Tuesday 10am; Wednesday 4:30 & 5:30pm; Thursday 10am

Imagine That: (3-5 yr olds) 
Monday 6;30; Tuesday 11am

Young Child (5-7 yr olds) 
 12 weeks BEGINS FEB 15 
Wednesday 6:45 - 7:30 

If you have not enrolled yet there is still time. READ BELOW to see all the benefits you are giving you choose Kindermusik