Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shake fast, fast, fast, and slow

Will Ferrell Ribbon Dancing in Old School

Shake fast, shake fast, shake fast, and slow, and slow, and STOP!

Our little ones are instinctively interested in fast and slow (especially fast!) In activities like Lento y Rapido we capitalize on that and provide a multisensory medium for children to completely understand the concept of fast and slow. 

It is all about engagement. First, the child hears fast and slow in the music; then the child moves his/her body around the room fast and slow; he/she sees others moving fast and slow and moves with them; additionally, the child commands the scarf or ribbon rings that move fast and slow. That's how we create happy kids who have a stake in their own learning and play.

Howard Gardner has put forth the Multiple Intelligence Theory as a way to frame the multifaceted concept that is intelligence.  Gardner's theory has sparked some debate. The way I see it, for our purposes, the scientific legitimacy of measuring intelligence through this multisensory approach is not applicable to us.  We come to Kindermusik to grow a child's potential; not measure it scientifically. In my nearly 20 years as an educator, I know this, by and large children enjoy being steeped in all aspects of an activity.  Appealing to multiple senses tends to increase the level of enjoyment and engagement for most children.