Welch Art Studio @ Kindermusik

Tuesday evenings 7:00
Call to register
"Talent is simply a bundle of potential. Creativity and self-expression are useless without the skills to facillitate them. Skills have to be in place first. Then confidence in one's abilities needs to be developed.  At that point creativity and self-expression have something to grab onto and meaningful visual communication of an artistic idea can take place."
~Lisa Welch, instructor

Is meaningful art instruction missing from your child's education?

I offer something simple that is missing from most public school art programs today - fundamental drawing instruction. The basics....line, shape, foreshortening, shading, cast shadow, etc. 

There is no "talent" pre-requisite at Welch Art Studios. The only pre-requisites are love of art and willingness to learn and practice. This takes place in a fun, casual environment.

All classes are $10 per class per student
Fees include all materials and supplies needed for class

Professional Art Instruction
Owner and Instructor Lisa Welch:
Educated at Art Institute of Philadelphia
Art Instructor at Immanuel Christian School in Hazleton since 1991
Offering Private and Group Instruction in Art since 1994
Member of the Board of Directors-Northumberland County Council for the Arts
Founding Member of the Anthracite Heritage Festival of the Arts
Founding Member of Sugarloaf Township Bicentennial Celebration

Proven Instructional Programs
McIntyre Drawing
Lin Graphic Design
Bridgman Anatomy
Acrylic and Watercolor Painting
Arts and Crafts 
(Paper Mache, Tie Dye, Printmaking, Weaving, Sewing, Knitting and Crocheting, etc.)
Introductory Digital Photography
Shutterbugs Photography for Kids

Opportunities for Exhibit
Annual Summer Show
Bloomsburg Fair Art Show
We Work the Black Seam
Scholastic Exhibit at NCCAH Gallery
Bloomsburg Children's Museum
Anthracite Heritage Festival Clothesline Art
Window Painting for Community Service Projects
Annual Home and Garden Show At Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre